Website 1.2

HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript | Adobe Illistrator/Photoshop

This website was completely coded by me using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
It's purpose is to showcase my works to potential employers.
The majority of pages were built using only HTML and CSS.
I implemented some JavaScript in the projects pages to add a scroll reveal animation. I had to learn many new techniques such as CSS flexbox, Grid and .SVG file manipulation but once I had a clear understanding, it became the bases for the entire page layout.
As I grow as a developer, the site will grow and change as well showing what I have learned and how far I've come. I am currently in the process of learning about Node.js and React so that I can make a more modern designed page after completing some other planned projects that require Node and React.
After completing this project I decided to add it as one of my projects as it will show where I started and show much much I have grown.
Update - 2021

The website is updated to consolidate the majority of pages into one easy to read page. I partitioned all pages into sections and created a navigation bar to expedite site use. The bar is responsive like much of page. After developing and maintaining a professional webpage I went back noticed a lot of wasteful code that either did nothing or needed to be organized. It's an odd feeling looking back at something you've done for the first time and seeing how much you've improved since then.

Update - 2023

Updated Projects list and hosted site under new domain. Currently building new projects pages and sections to add to the main page. It get difficult updating the site when you work 60 hour weeks. I hope to have the remaining pages built soon.

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