PayDirt: Prosepctive Beginnings

Level Designer/Writer

C# | XNA

While enrolled at UTEP I was apart of the student organization INNOVA Gameworks and Animations.
This organization was founded with the purpose of getting univeristy students interested in video game developer and the Computer Science program at the univeristy.
Using UTEP's mascot Paydirt Pete and the facilities of our university as inspiration, the INNOVA development team and myself developed a retro style 2D platformer.
I worked as the level designer and engine programmer. I implemented all the game play elements and developed a level generator that would create the level from basic text files.

This game was made with XNA platform and was also one of my first major C# projects.
When the project was completed the game was then given to the university to use for their events and recruitment drives.

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Level Miner Croc

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