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My name is Warren Hyman III, an Air Force veteran with extensive experience in software development spanning nearly a decade. Throughout my career, I have successfully contributed to various projects, including the development of high-performing ecommerce sites that generate millions in monthly sales. I have also excelled in programming AI chatbots, enhancing customer service responses, and creating inventory portals and automation systems to optimize production speed and accuracy.
My skill set encompasses a wide range of software languages, systems, architectures, and methodologies. I am proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.JS, Ruby, Java, and more. I am passionate about building innovative solutions and leveraging my skills to tackle challenging problems effectively.

This is a place to showcase my work over my professional career. Below is a suite of all my work in full-stack development. As you will see, I have what it takes to be the perfect fit for your team.

If you are an employer or recruiter looking for a skilled developer please feel free to reach out.



E-commerce store used to purchase cups, lids and other supplies. Currently generating millions in monthly sales. Migrated inventory and customer data from Magento to Shopify Plus. Developed subdomain Hawaii.lollicupstore with partitioned inventory. Developed and integrated Shopify web apps such as CertCapture which allows B2B customers to send Tax documents to Avatax directly from the checkout page.

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Designed and developed for Lollicup Boba & Tea store. Lollicup fresh incorporates frontend elements that use React.js. site is connected to UberEats and GrubHub apps that are managed using Otter.

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Designed and developed corporate site Karatpackaging.com. Developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Integrated forums and API for subscription handling.

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Blog site created to bring more engagement with customers. Created using WordPress. KaratPost is a simple blog page that allows Karat marketing teams to update blogs when needed.

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Investors site created to inform investors of stock number and updated information about business decisions. The site is visited by many of Karat's investors daily.

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Developed and maintained HausMilling.com. An e-commerce website on the Shopify backend system. Using Liquid I developed control flows and an extra price calculator that takes customer selection and displays new ones based on what is selected. Developed Haus nesting automation system with Java which takes .STL files and automatically nests them to HyperDent systems for toolpath rendering.

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Designed and developed Athenstreefarm.com Assets were designed in Figma and then moved to WordPress. Developed live inventory display using JSON and JavaScript. allowing manager to update what trees are available.

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Created and managed the Fuji Dental Lab Webpage. The site was built using PHP and Wordpress. Allows customers to see company products as well as obtain information on how to obtain new RX scripts as well as company contact information.

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2-D platformer created using C# on the XNA platform. Worked as a level designer and engine programmer. The project was used as a recruiting tool to interest young students in software development.

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Website 1.3

This website was created to showcase my latest work to prospective employers. This website itself is one of my proofs of concepts for front end web development. I update this section to catalog all changes made to the site.

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