HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript | JSON | NODE.JS

This website was completely coded by me using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
This was one of my first projects with Karat. I was tasked with updating Karatpackaging.com as the old site that was built on WordPress and could not be
updated due to the theme provider no longer being in business.
Karatpackaging.com is a complete rework of the original webpage. The site runs faster, has better SEO and ADA compliance and is responsive.


Before beginning development I built a design framework in Figma. The idea of the design was to be simple yet informative.
Developing the frontend was straight forward. The site uses simple HTML CSS and JavaScript for the overall build.
The original site was built using WordPress and has about 40gbs of processing data.
After completing the project, the site had about I connected the Indeed API to display up to date job listing on the company site. I then used JS to create the search bar to search through those listings.

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