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This was the first e-commerce shop I fully developed and deployed.
Created using Shopify Plus, is used by hundreds of Dental labs and practices today.
One of the unique things about this project was it was my first time developing on a framework that so many restrictions.
It was also my first time developing web apps.
It was truly my largest learning experience.


As stated previously was created using Shopify built off the Zest 2.0 theme.
While creating the basic store front was not an issue, we faced many challenging problems integrating Shopify's POS in a way that met Haus's needs.
Because Haus milling deals in dentistry, there are a lot of methods Dentist and Dental Labs have to submit their cases to us for processing.
Using Liquid and Metafields, I created a control flow that would show and hide options based on which selection is chosen.
I also had to develop an Extras calculator that would take the extra selections a customer chooses and display them at the bottom.
The prices of the extras are then added to the total price in the cart.
I then added the metafields to the cart to show each of the extras the customer selected.

Because of the use of Metafields, I had to develop custom ticket forms within the order printer app.
The app was programed to show all selected items for each case as well as a 2D image of the .STL file for matching after milling.

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